The aliens have two goals: return to their home planet, and chase away anybody who tries to establish themselves in the house. Directed by Olivier Jean Marie, Jim Gomez. A gang of bats takes over the house. The gnome, seeing this as an advantage, pools the aliens' resources while they remain ignorant of the fact that he is a fake. Les Zinzins de l'espace. 8 talking about this. After Gorgious accidentally breaks her crystal ball, she places a curse called "The Dreaded Curse of the 2,000 Dirty Gym Socks" on the aliens, which causes Candy's vacuum to break down, Bud's favorite television show to be cancelled and Gorgious to become sick from eating chocolate-stuffed oysters until they pay her €5000. Seasons The overworked bees soon leave to go on a hot-dog business, while Gorgious returns to his betrayed friends. A beekeeper moves into the aliens' house. Gorgious tries to remove him from it but merely makes him successful enough to turn it into a honey factory. Candy's favorite singer Snoutra (whose name is a pun on, Gorgious is seen to be eating excessive junk foods. When the aliens get banished to Hell, they make the Devil take them back up to Earth after they manage to change the ways of his two Imp henchmen. IMDb With Patrick Préjean, Charlie Adler, Maurice LaMarche, Danny Mann. As of this episode, Danny Mann voiced Gorgious for the remainder of the English dub. The characters also made a cameo in the Oggy and the Cockroaches episode "Night Watchmen" (the eponymous main characters for that series also made their first appearance in this one's third episode, "Venus Junior", when the aliens were watching their television), and in the Les Dalton episode "Le Secret Passage", when Candy was one of Joe's transformations in Fort Dalton. They landed on earth and discovered the human race. He aids an injured fly and brings it up like his own child until it becomes too much trouble for the others. However, when they arrive there, they are "welcomed" by Madame Zelza, Colonel Kenny, the Crash Test Dummy, Norman and his mother, Princess Zibouya, the Collector, Mrs. Durante and Molux, meaning that all of Etno's previous spaceships actually worked. When Etno records a message to space in the hope that other aliens might hear it, travel down to Earth and take them back to Zigma B, two alien hunters named Gregor and Tatiana get hold of it. The aliens prevent him from coming down the chimney of their house with many painful traps, but they still receive their presents. Two children follow. Candy goes out to work in his vegetable garden, fed up with coarse comments from his housemates while they watch a football match on TV. Space Goofs When Candy bans Etno from experimenting in the house for a week, he cannot control himself. A training officer named Colonel Kenny moves into the aliens' house, and Gorgious decides to help him in his objective after transforming himself with the SMTV, but their mission may involve eliminating Candy. ! From Les Zinzins de l'espace. Éric Le RochMarc Bretonnière (season 1)Patrick PréjeanPeter HudsonAntoine Tomé Jean-Claude DondaBernard AlaneÉric Métayer (season 2)Patrick Guillemin When the aliens' latest spaceship is struck by a lightning bolt, it crash-lands on an island that is inhabited by fierce gorillas. Les Zinzins de l'Espace Episode Guides, Cartoon Characters and Crew Lists. Interprète du générique: Iggy Pop; Générique. over and over to himself on seeing them. The two Pygmy Venusians then cause trouble for all four of the aliens until Gorgious disarms them. It has previously aired on France 3. Les Zinzins de l'espace Noodle. Nanook sets up his tepee in the lounge, while his buffalo eats the plants. The aliens' next visiting tenant is none other than the famous superhero Flashman (whose name is a cross between that of. When Etno tries out his latest invention, Gorgious' toenail clippers cause time periods to overlap, resulting in the creation of multiple Etnos which end up making Candy lock himself in the bathroom and repeat "There's only one Etno!" Les Zinzins de l'espace [1997] Série animée de Thomas Szabo. Etno, Stereo, Gorgious and Bud are eventually forced to clean their house and all of its furniture. Fearing the state of the short-living elephant, the aliens try to make her feel optimistic and leave (which she eventually does, into the house next door). With Charlie Adler, Bernard Alane, Jeff Bennett, Louis Garneau. The genies go far enough to blow up several planets in the galaxy (they even threaten to blow up Zigma B as well). Shortly after, the robbers are arrested, while Etno manages to turn their "green rectangles" into toilet paper. After the aliens turn themselves into prisoners with the SMTV and get jailed, they team up with another prisoner to escape. Samurai Jack. Etno has constructed a time machine, but it also has a huge debt, owing the aliens 23 years of back taxes. Watch Queue Queue. In this Christmas-related episode, Bud thinks that a coming Santa Claus is the red blob from the previous night's horror movie. At the end of the episode, Candy trips on a puddle of mucus that the baby had dripped onto the floor of their house which causes the baby to fly back to his mother. Les zinzins de l'espace. Bud is so fixed to the television that the other aliens decide he has to stop watching it, but he is hopeless when he is trying to do something else. Gorgious wakes up with a red bump-like virus known as the "Microbe Microbius" on the front of his head, and the other aliens are in shock until Etno puts him in the washing machine and quarantines him. Gorgious wishes to eat him, while Etno and Stereo (but not Bud) do experiments on him, which horrifies Candy. Etno then has a brilliant idea to flood the entire house into an aquatic-like atmosphere to keep human tenants away forever. The aliens' house is turned into a prison with cells, walls, and aggressive rats, blocking off their access to their own refrigerator. Bud accidentally breaks the SMTV and is permanently transformed into a human. This video is unavailable. Other Coloring Pages. Characters Candy and Gorgious' attempts at getting themselves closer to Wong by transforming themselves with the SMTV, which fail, only make things worse. French phonetics missing Candy advises Gorgious to eat a healthier diet, but Gorgious ignores him. 1 talking about this. As more quirky humans move into their house, the stranded aliens search for a way to return to their home planet. Candy and Gorgious agree with Etno that Bud should start school, so they all transform into pupils themselves with the SMTV, but Etno does not like it because Mrs. Durante picks on him the most. Candy comes across a diary belonging to a little girl who used to live in the house and incessantly tries to summon the girl's old friend Molux (which is pronounced "Maloo", but Etno actually says it the way it is spelled). View, comment, download and edit bud zinzin de l espace Minecraft skins. Stereo also made their final appearance in this episode. However, his assistant, Roger, is aware of the fact that his tricks are fake, so the aliens transform themselves into replacement human assistants with the SMTV to join his act. In response, Gorgious transforms himself into a genie with the SMTV and retaliates by reflecting the genies' magic onto them, thus sending them back to the toilet from whence they came. A mad scientist named Dr. Sakarin and his assistant Igor are trying to destroy a planet, of which the aliens disapprove. Etno is experimenting on cockroaches until Bud accidentally knocks out him with a golf ball. Lire le synopsis, voir la bande annonce et la date de 1ère diffusion TV de l'épisode S1E01 Il était une fois - 1re partie de la saison 1 de la série TV Les Zinzins de l'espace. At the end of the episode, the almost-finished car-parking garage just disappears, but the aliens' house always reappears back the way it is, and when Mr. Edward (Harry's boss) comes to the house to look for Harry's disappeared and unseen parking structure, he rips up his $20 million check and wrecks Harry's car with his longest limousine. It also enjoyed reasonable success in both the US and UK at the time. Subscribe and get new videos of Space Goofs every week! from Samurai Jack. A baby tumbles into the aliens' house. The aliens try to expel a rock band who have moved into their house. Etno, Stereo, Bud and Gorgious then fall in love with the woman one by one after she hits on them, causing Candy to think that love is a spell coming from her. However, every pesky creature hinders their attempt to enjoy their stay in the countryside. Candy goes along with his complaint, but Etno decides to get him out of there anyway. Etno tries to attract more aliens to return to their planet. Bud. See also To complete his vitamin encyclopedia, Etno gets Candy to taste a syrup which was left behind by the house's most recent tenant, a certain. Download Coloring Page. When a new tenant arrives, Etno becomes interested in psychoanalysis. Fox Bongo, a strange man and entertainment tycoon builds a new theme park called "Bongo Land" outside the aliens' house with a roller coaster, known as the "Death-Defying House of Space Weirdos", running through the house (Candy, Etno and Gorgious are also forced to wear fake green antennae, while Stereo brushes their teeth and Bud reads a paper in the bath) – as well as a rocket ship ride. Etno is under the impression they are highly advanced human specimens. Only display users with chosen role. Watch the model. An adventure game based on Space Goofs named Stupid Invaders was released in 2000–2001 by Ubi Soft. Unfortunately, the ones he summons are apparently no help. This excites Candy, who believes his lie and allows him to stay as a result, but unfortunately for him and the others, he soon ends up taking over the house. This excites the aliens, who befriend them, but soon it gets out of hand. The opening sequence from the first season. External links Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Gorgious wins the lottery, and soon after receiving his $20 billion, he builds a sky-high mansion with his new money. Les Zinzins de l'espace, Tome 2 : | Blaster, Olivier Jean-.... Marie | ISBN: 9782874421372 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. However, he is only missing one (which is the eponymous "Number One"), and when a new tenant named Thomas Mancini (who is based on. Folgen Sie Taunt Tournament Aram 2v2 #L1, organisiert von Taunt Organisation auf Toornament, und erhalten Sie alle aktuellen Punktestände, Statistiken und Ergebnisse. Bud tries to get rid of him by using the SMTV to transform into a criminal himself and join him in the tunnel-digging, but he soon forgets about the plan. Welcome to the official Space Goofs Dailymotion channel! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The salesman then causes a series of events to make the aliens buy more obsolete products, including an anteater and a garden elf, until Etno finally confronts him. Etno specifically researches, reacts and demonstrates the irrationality of Zelza's practices, and transforms himself into a rival psychic named "Madame Zetno" with the SMTV to try and drive her out of business. Original language The aliens move their house to escape from the noisy and dirty town. The aliens' house is being invaded by a group of Boy Scouts, and a County 4 pack leader. Gorgious soon becomes a target for Maurice to set up and torment. A family of alien lovers named Marie, Fred, Gustavo and Stephanie Friendly move into the aliens' house and try to make contact with outer space. However, after embarking on a 3-day expedition, they find out that getting the energy will not be so easy when they meet a man named Eddy (based on. The three cockroaches of, Gorgious wants to be the boss of something, given that Candy, Etno and Bud all are. An ancient elephant goes to what was once the ancient burial grounds for elephants: the aliens' house. After this episode, France 3 did not renew the show for a third season, and when that network's. The aliens find that their house has been made the doorway to Hell, where people sign their souls to the Devil. Furthermore, it aired as part of the Fox Kids lineup on Fox in the United States.[1]. From Les Zinzins de l'espace. / 25m. Bud counters the man with optimism, and at the end, he turns into a changed man with his spiritual side (he also gives Bud his magic "good luck shoes" that cause the house to break apart with earthquakes, rain, and lightning, plus an evolving volcano as it goes back in time to the past). Add a photo to this gallery Wiki­pedia The aliens get new neighbors who are extremely annoying. A couple moves into the aliens' house. Luci. Candy, who has transformed himself into a blond woman with the SMTV, is trying to get a driver's license but continually fails miserably. Two robbers make a hideout in the aliens' house. At Arms Patch Prospect. Download Coloring Page. The aliens see what looks like a gnome outside their house and try to catch him for a wish. An old lady and her dog enter the aliens' house, the former making an awful racket with her organ music. After Etno has finished building his new saucer, one of them rings their house's doorbell to invite him and the others (after they transform themselves into a model family with the SMTV) to come to a barbecue organized in their backyard as a housewarming party. Not knowing a way to fix the spaceship, Etno encourages the other aliens to take shelter in the attic of an abandoned house that is up for rent while he tries to fix the spaceship, lampshading the plot. From Les Zinzins de l'espace. Finding this specimen not very useful, Etno evolves him into a Middle Ages knight, followed by a 21st-century (which was the present day at the time the episode was filmed) man, and finally a Cyber Age (which is the future) person, resulting in the aliens' ticket to launching off Earth being lost when he takes it for himself. Tired of tenants trying to move in, the aliens try to make the house uninhabitable, but its farm look ends up attracting a farmer with his animals, and a pig named Sooee who behaves badly to the others. Starring While Bud is watching television, a cartoon raccoon leaves the television and places Bud inside it. Resources. When the police refuse to believe him, he tries numerous times to take photographic evidence of them as proof of their existence. The man living in the house next door to the aliens' discovers the aliens in their house and tries to report them to the police. Gorgious then tries to ruin the artworks before he confronts Vladimir. Bud has a good time inside the television, and does not want to leave. Thinking that he is on another planet, he makes the aliens bow down to and worship him.