Thank you so much for posting such thorough information and for getting us excited about our trip! Enjoying an ice cream in Denovici, Kotor Bay in Montenegro. There is a chair lift too but is not usually open in summers, but only in winters during the skiing season. From Serbia, you can then leave through a third country. We stayed in Denmar Apartment in Denovici where we paid 25 euros for a double room. I found your page more interesting and informative than most. If you’re thinking that this route is going criss-cross – you’re wrong. Here’s a suggested map with trip route map which will give you an idea of the itinerary. Many people just make a day trip to these lakes instead of staying here overnight. Sarajevo is a good starting point for this Balkans road trip itinerary, as it will immerse you straight away in the region’s culture and history. I would imagine it wouldn’t be more than $15-25 for a week or so worth of coverage, but I can’t find any specific information online. Please keep in mind that the only way to enjoy the Seven Rila Lakes is by hiking. Les 10 pays d’Europe les moins chers pour faire un road trip. The river Valbona forms many waterfalls and natural pools, so the resulting landscape is gorgeous. Required fields are marked *. Le road-trip c’est voyager en totale libert ... Bien sûr, elle n’est pas exhaustive, et chacun l’adaptera selon le pays , les activités prévues, et le type de road-trip (en voiture, en van, en moto) LISTE DES CHOSES À EMMENER POUR UN ROAD TRIP. It features a historical bridge, which features in the award-winning novel – The Bridge over the Drina. 50€ fee for papers. Do you have any experience with Enterprise and/or crossing into Albania? For the sake of travel, the below countries are collectively considered Balkan countries: *At the moment this itinerary doesn’t include information about Moldova and Kosovo but we may add it at a later point. I hear questions about the state of Balkan roads all the time, and their shoddiness is so legendary that there are a million and one memes about them. San and I in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. If you make a purchase through these links, we will earn a little commission at no extra cost to you. We are from South Africa and travelled extensively. Spend a day or two in the nearby Tara National Park. With accommodation and food recommendations, rental car tips and all the sights to explore in these Balkan countries 6-Day Balkan Road Trip With A Volkswagen Bus. If you have your heart set on seeing Slovenia, Moldova, and Kosovo, however, and are able to add a few days to your trip, it wouldn’t take much tinkering to make it happen. You can also go for rafting on Tara river or zip over the canyon to enjoy the view. This little train ride reminded us of Sri Lanka. These companies should permit you to take your car across the borders relatively painlessly, but always contact them as things are subject to change! We’re Sonal & Sandro from India and Germany. Lake Bled, Slovenia. I hope to follow some of it, if not all. This Balkans road trip itinerary is a combination of our three different trips. I’ve heard so many horror stories about Balkan drivers… to which I want to counter, have you ever seen a Georgian driver? If you’re planning a road trip in the Balkans this is the guide for you. on veut faire le trajet entre les pays en transports en commun : c’est mieux le bus ou le train ? You’ll have to check with your rental car company in Germany to ensure you can take it to all the countries you want to visit. While I love Balkan cities and think they make the perfect weekend getaway, for a Balkan road trip, cities aren’t ideal. My friend and I are taking 3 weeks (flying in and out of Sofia) and are trying to figure out the best plan regarding car rental … I am always super suspicious of car rental companies! Optional Stop: Una National Park, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 3) Kravice Waterfalls and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 8) Mokra Gora and Tara National Park and Zlatibor, Serbia, 14) Mavrono National Park or Lake Ohrid or Skopje, Macadonia, 15) Valbonë Valley National Park, Albania, Optional Balkans Road Trip detours in Romania, Bulgaria and Albania, Few tips to keep in mind for driving in the Balkans, Ultimate Croatia Road Trip Itinerary: Top Places to…, Traveling Europe by Campervan: Our Tips for "Van…, 2 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary: Fall in LOVE With…, 30 Amazing Places to Visit in Delhi – the City of…. So the choice to explore Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro was quickly made. So don’t forget to account for how much that’ll add to your trip. Varna is Bulgaria’s hipster beach destination that’s very easily accessible from Romania’s Constanta. Yes, I’ll fully admit my bias as an American, where a $4 gallon (that’s a $1.08 per liter for all you metric normals out there) is a cause for near-national panic and perhaps even rioting. Es freut mich, dass Ihr bei der Recherche auf meinen Blog gestoßen seid. Of the 12 countries of the Balkans, it’s quite a mishmash. Stephanie recommends Gummy Bears if available and all the soda in the world. Mostar is famous for its historical bridge, which is Ottoman style. The details in most of the churches are astounding. For example, in downtown Sofia, parking is usually 1 euro per hour in private lots – that can get quite expensive! While I’m definitely not trying to dissuade you entirely from visiting cities on a Balkans road trip, I’d encourage you to prioritize the off the beaten path places that are best visited by car – nature, smaller villages, interesting Communist-era monuments, and so on – rather than spending all your time driving from city to city, which can be done by bus for a fraction of the price and less headache, albeit less freedom. I was able to visit Croatia and Montenegro (Slovenia too). While sure, Balkan buses will take you between all major cities and even most smaller towns, if you want to see some of the most beautiful natural spots in the Balkans you will need a car – either driving yourself or hiring a taxi for the day. You can even rent a room in Drvengrad and stay here overnight. In fact, it’s the ultimate Balkans road trip itinerary from Sarajevo to Istanbul , that will bring you through cities, mountains, bunkers, waterfalls, and beaches for the adventure of a lifetime. Was concerned that if the car rental place doesn’t offer green card insurance for Albania there might be an issue. Also, a side note: If you can only drive automatic (raise your hands, my fellow manual-incapable Americans!) For example, Slovenia charges vignettes of approximately 15 euros per week for a normal sized car, which is effectively a tax to use their roads. We didn’t expect the waterfalls to be so massive and our jaws literally dropped when we caught the first sight. Continue your Balkans road trip by driving from the north towards Podgorica in the morning, taking the road that passes the Tara River Canyon (the deepest canyon in Europe) and Biogradska Gora national park. In case you’re looking for a country specific guide, then check out our awesome Croatia road trip itinerary. I will start with one of the most visited countries in the Balkans – Croatia. If you go in a straight line from Split in Croatia to Dubrovnik, you will drive very close to the Bosnia and Montenegro borders and it makes sense to go to the spectacular Kravice waterfalls, and then enter Croatia again. Get in touch with the team at Balkan Campers. We met while traveling and got married. Tip: the best time to visit the Balkans as per the Balkan Campers. This is an incomplete list of car rental companies I’ve aggregated from other travelers’ experiences. Ce road book prend davantage la texture d’un road trip, confirmant notre envie de vous faire partager tant une découverte naturelle que culturelle des contrées visitées. Croatia is really awesome. In general, the highways and main roads in the Balkans are excellent, on par with anything you’d see in Europe (and miles better than I’m used to from my years of biking in New York City). And the people we've met along the way have brought us many smiles and left us with lots of great memories. So working out the best time to visit the Balkans is going to mean finding a time that works for everywhere on this itinerary. Click HERE to read the rest of our story. This website contains affiliate links. My friend and I are planning a trip through the Balkans on January. Valbonë or the Valbona Valley National Park is a lovely natural paradise which is located in the Albanian Alps in Northern Albania. It can be confusing to remember the Serbia/Kosovo border rules so here it is again, briefly, to avoid errors. Y a t il des précautions a prendre? If you’re a nature lover like us, then you’d love to travel to the Balkans by car so that you can visit the places that YOU want to see, instead of making a mandatory stop in big cities. I’ve heard stories of some border guards crossing out the Kosovo stamp… but that may just be rumors. >> Tous nos articles sur la Croatie, le Monténégro, la Bosnie, et la Slovénie I actually found Serbia’s tolls to be quite expensive – for example, a 2 hour drive from Belgrade to Subotica was over $5 USD each way! Visit Serbia first if you plan to visit Serbia and Kosovo back-to-back. We don’t have any personal experience with this, no, sorry! In fact, there’s so much to see – so many beautiful waterfalls, lakes, caves, mountains, beaches, villages, and beyond – that you’ll be grateful for taking more time off the beaten path. Un énorme road-trip en Europe à la découverte des Balkans sur le blog dans cet article. 44 . Mokra Gora is an adorable little village in Serbia where you’d love to spend more than just a few days. Certes, comme dirait notre cher Bernado de la Villardière la « mafia albanaise » est une réalité, mais pour le touriste celle-ci n’a aucune incidence sur son séjour. In the most expensive parts of the Balkans, particularly Croatia and Slovenia, you’re looking at double or even triple those prices. We are also inspired by Souvenir Chronicles about driving around the Balkans by car and they were very nice to answer our initial questions about driving a rental car around this area. Balkan Road Trip Planning Guide. This is where the scenes of King’s Landing and Qarth were filmed. Sofia in Bulgaria – Travel to the Balkans cc0 via Pixabay. We're currently traveling around Europe with our baby in our camper van. I go thro, I’m no longer there but my heart is still in Goa, Even though we send out very few emails, they are sure to make, best time to visit the Balkans as per the Balkan Campers, 6) Žabljak and Durmitor National Park, Montenegro, visiting and avoiding crowds in Plitvice Lakes, Zabljak, which is inside Durmitor National Park, wooden village in Mokra Gora and is called Drvengrad, This is where you will need to stop and find a place to stay in order to explore the area. Slovenia is slightly less pricy, but not by much. Here’s the thing, the recommended road trip through the Balkan countries took me as more than three different trips to complete due to time limitations. If you want to level up your Road Trip game, take one of their old school vans! You can’t stay inside Plitvice Lakes National Park but will have to stay in one of the nearby villages. Sibiu is one of those destinations which will be liked by both history or nature lovers. Parking can get expensive if not included in your hotel and sometimes the different parking payment systems are a huge pain in the ass, requiring you to pay via prepaid SMS (not easy to do when you’re just passing through!). Stop in the Easter-egg painted town of Ciocanasti in Maramures, Romania. We really love Bosnia and are always happy to help people plan their trips! but it is not cheaper just because you are traveling in cheaper countries. I’m going to the Balkans next month with my husband and your posts are invaluable.