Après le succès du Grand Livre de la Boulangerie, Le Grand Livre de la Viennoiserie est le nouvel outil indispensable du boulanger. Their work must go ahead in time and achieve a good result, especially in taste and finish rather than appearance. Bakery Consultant . All the content taught by Olivier was divided into 2 days. By joining our e-mailing list, you will be the first to know about future classes and events at TheTasteLab, new products available from Classic Fine Foods and much more. All the people who win this award are highly valued in their guild, some of them who won this award were Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse or Joël Robuchon, for example. At least it’s how I saw it. What a great two days! Browse for your friends alphabetically by name. They prepared us some delicious lunches, there was no lack of detail. I hope that my experience will help you and that you will be encouraged to live yours. Molecular Gastronomy. In 2015, Oliver Magne won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (baker), which completely changed his life. Those of you who usually go through the blog, you would notice that last week there were no posts on it and the reason was my attendance to this course. Il devient MOF en 2015 et possède aujourd'hui deux boutiques. Despite preparing many recipes for the blog, whether sweet or savory, in my head these breads are always... Today's recipe has a curious story behind it. A few years ago we collaborated together for a magazine, along with other colleagues, and being able to see and talk to her was something I didn’t expect. They are subjected to very tough tests in which they have to carry out their work with some unforeseen events along the way imposed by the judges. In short, they all make you feel at home. Everything had an impeccable finish, and the care and affection was reflected in each elaboration that was arriving at the tables. The moment you see all the products coming out of the ovens, the scent that surrounds the school’s workshop, as well as the look of surprise from all of us who were there, automatically generates a memory of those who are never forgotten. He represented France 89 times, scoring 14 tries. Olivier MAGNE - MOF 2015 - présentation des créations en boulangerie et viennoiserie In Paris when he does a masterclass of this kind, he never exceeds 12 students and found it incredible how Yohan was able to manage such a large number of people with such a well executed organization. I couldn’t be more excited to meet her in person! Tell me about a funny memory regarding your life as a baker. WORKSHOP. It’s where he meets his partner, Florian Argoud, with whom he creates Farine & O. We laughed a lot, talked and shared many things that allowed me to get to know better the people I was doing the masterclass with. The course was given in French, but Yohan was always translating what Olivier said. For 4 years, Olivier Magne developed a 100% organic sourdough bread range, which was sold at BIOCOOP, a leader in organic food distribution. Olivier Magne is a French baker who won the MOF in 2015. It awards the sector’s professional as “The best French bakery” (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). I met Álvaro from “Le Frabique”, Sandro (chef from Miami), Javier (he came from La Rioja, but I don’t remember the name of his bakery, sorry), Alberto from “Panadería Simón”, one of the owners of “Panem”… and some more of whom I don’t remember the name of, a thousand apologies. Meet. What is it that makes me enjoy myself most in the world? When Olivier had finished setting up the table with all that had been worked out, he wanted to express his gratitude to all those present. Aug 25, 2016 - © J.LANIER / INBP. He joined his hometown team, Stade Aurillacois, as a boy in 1979. 10th. The second day was very interesting, we would see how everything elaborated the previous day took shape and color. For those who like working with doughs, this day was great. The chef. For 4 years, Olivier Magne developed a 100% organic sourdough bread range, which was sold at BIOCOOP, a leader in organic food distribution. He said the attitude of all of us was exemplary. On the first day Olivier gave us an introduction in which he spoke about the work we were going to do. I loved it. Bread. Not as cheerful as I'd like, but now I'll give you a little more detail. During this first day, we learned and saw how to make all the fillings that would be part of the preparations. Passionate about baking from his earliest childhood, at the age of 16, he started as a baker-trainee within the family business … And not only that, but the creativity that surrounds this product as well as the process to carry it out. I to admit it, I'm obsessed! Truly admirable. I was able to talk to him before I went in and got rid of all those nerves I had on me. Thank you very much. Italian Chef Cooking School 23,936 views. The first two pastries were made by hand, the dough and the butter stretching with roller, so that we could see how to do it without machinery (he used this method that I learned from Yohan and shared with you). Being able to be with them in a more relaxed and friendly environment was really great. From this came the idea of going to dinner together and making the first day a perfect one. Since I wanted to enjoy 100% of this experience, I preferred to stop publishing so I wouldn’t have to watch out for them or social networks. A very well-rounded and organized team. TRAINING COURSE. This is an award and recognition given every 4 years and is a symbol of excellence highly valued in France. It was a lot of material, a lot of work, processes, shaping… and it all came out perfect thanks to the great organization of Olivier and Yohan. The rosette also combined several preparations such as a croissant dough and a brownie heart with pistachio. In addition to seeing how to work at all times the dough to prevent the butter from reaching its melting point and spoiling. A single kind and close gesture on his face made me feel more at ease and I knew I would be very comfortable with them. They welcome you with open arms, listen to you, advise you and share instructive experiences with you. Jérémy Ballester Détenteur du BM (brevet maîtrise boulanger), Jérémy Ballester est professeur-boulanger auprès de Jean-Marie Lanio à l'INBP de Séoul. In short, the previous steps that require rest to finish the elaborations. Viennoiseries. MOF Guillaume Mabilleau 24-25-26 aprile 2017 - Duration: 3:42. Especially to avoid possible catastrophes…. He taught us a technique for laminating in which there are no more dough leftovers, which is fantastic because I had always seen this laminating method and it forces you to cut dough on the sides so that there is no excess dough that could spoil the final result. #spcculinaryacademy #oliviermagne #inbp #mof . The praline mango spoon and the marrón glazé drum (photo below), the latter is surprising. He told us about the sourdough, the method he uses to work with it in his bakery and advice on how to get good results. The only way to achieve those results is to do it with passion. Note: This only includes people … After twenty-four years, Olivier becomes a trainer at the National Institute of Confectionery. 15th - 17th SEPTEMBER. A humble, kind and approachable attitude. I always had the feeling of being one of them (even though I didn’t dedicate myself to this profession the way they do) and that’s thanks to how great they are. In addition, the pâte à choux, the crumble, all the cores with different flavours, the dough of the croissants, the bread dough that would give rise to the baguettes and other very creative breads, the brioche doughs (traditional and colored with turmeric, fruits…) were made. Of course, I must not and I don’t want to omit the people who helped them to carry out the masterclass, giving support to finish the work, laminates, baking… as Alain, Thomas, Matthieu (the last two are finalists of the MOF), Cyril (who came from Korea) and Massimiliano. It awards the sector’s professional as «The best French bakery» (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). A look at his incredible creations is enough to understand why… With very careful and thoughtful procedures, the Master of Bakery will share … They require a lot of time and dedication, so they would keep me from enjoying this class. Après le succès du Grand Livre de la Boulangerie, Le Grand Livre de la Viennoiserie est le nouvel outil indispensable du boulanger. At this point he explained the difference between working with pectin or starches and how they would affect the final results if we work with them in one way or another. He is also graduated in Marketing, Communication and Design. Olivier Magne obtient BM (brevet maîtrise boulanger),en 2000, puis devient formateur à l'EFBPA d'Aurillac. In 2000, he got a bakery diploma which will allowed him to teach and convey his passion for 5 years at the French School of Bakery, Pastry and Cookery of Aurillac, created by Christian Vabret MOF, then for 8 years at the National Baking and Pastry-Making Institute of Rouen, internationally well-known for its expertise in training and consulting. Numbers 0 to 25 contain non-Latin character names. Il devient MOF en 2015 et possède aujourd'hui deux boutiques. When we arrived, many of us did it a little earlier, we could see how he prepared and worked the dough for the laminate. However, I did my best to share through my stories some moments and results of what Olivier was doing so that you could enjoy a little bit of what he was doing. We were 35 assistants and everything went perfect. À travers 80 recettes dont certaines en pas à pas illustrés, nos quatre experts Jean-Marie Lanio, Thomas Marie (MOF), Olivier Magne (MOF) et Jérémy Ballester vous transmettent leurs connaissances pour faire de vous les prochaines stars de la … More than 14 different creations of different complexity were created. 11th MARCH. Olivier Magne MOF will share the techniques of croissant, brioche and brioche feuilletée. OLIVIER MAGNE MOF. Moreover, he is well known for his outreach efforts on panettone and special breads in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube using the tag @aquihaybuenpan. Today I’m not going to share a recipe with you but my experience in Olivier Magne‘s Masterclass with Yohan Ferrant at the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell. Currently, he is also running the Farine & O bakery in Paris, where he is making the bread based exclusively on the natural sourdough and long fermentation (up to 72 hours for some types of dough). And to top it off, on the last day when Olivier was setting up the table I met a wonderful person. Alba from Galette. ב 13/3/2017 התקיים בבית הספר לקונדיטוריה "אסטלה כיתת אומן" השתלמות ייחודית עם שף שגרירות יפן בישראל, ריו שויהירו, למפגש מרתק עם צמרת הקולינריה בארץ. Olivier Boudot is on Facebook. Chef Olivier is considered to be one of the leading and most innovative bakers in France, as well as a distinguished MOF Boulanger! Olivier is considered one of the most innovative bakers in France and to realize this, you only have to look at his incredible creations. To be honest, the first day I attended the masterclass I was very nervous. Which was very good for me…. Perhaps in the first moment our palate will not finish joining these textures and let us see that it is a fantastic union, but once you try it you realize that it is formidable. Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015 artisan à Paris chez Farine et O et consultant en boulangerie. Maison Marius, Allauch Picture: Visite d'Olivier Magne MOF ( meilleur Ouvrier de France ) - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,648 candid photos and videos. After his graduation in 1991, he went to Aurillac for 3 years to extend his knowledge and skills in pastry-making and cookery, before coming back in his hometown and taking control “Boulangerie SALAT”, as Baker then as Manager. He also shared that he was struck by the fact that in Spain there was not a culture as similar to baking as there could be in France, but that thanks to Yohan this passion for this profession is getting closer to all those who want to feel it. This site uses some unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer. It gave me the opportunity to see baking and confectionery masters work, teach and share their work with humility, closeness and kindness. But I still want to learn more about this fascinating world, and there I was going to meet many people who are dedicated to this profession and are really good at their work. I was lucky to be with Olivier, Yohan, the team that helped them and some of their colleagues. Saved from instagram.com. Pàte à choux, different creams/custards and brioche. Elegant, clean, creative and carried out with a very studied process. 3:42. OLIVIER MAGNE MOF. If there’s one thing I liked about all these people it’s how good they made me feel all the time during those two days. Join Facebook to connect with Olivier Boudot and others you may know. Olivier had to pay a lot of attention to everything he was preparing and teaching, but without losing a second of his smile and attention from all those present. At that moment you are aware of how a profession that is loved and lived at every moment can unite people who feel the same passion. For him, the bakery has to suffer and love at the same time, he defends that no one is better than no one, that only we can make our way in this world and that true success lies in hard work, perseverance, constancy and a passion for learning. The introduction to French Bakery & Viennoiserie could not have been done better than with Chef Olivier Magne! He will demonstrate the techniques of different colours viennoiseries and the art of folding. We had a great meal and the atmosphere was fantastic. The good thing about the school is that people from different parts of the world can attend without language being a problem as it is translated into French, English and Spanish. Four leading French pastry chefs, including two MOFs, have collaborated on this handsome and inspiring guide to viennoiserie, pastries made from enriched or laminated doughs that are among the touchstones of the patissier’s art.. With recipes for more than 70 sweet and savory pastries, as well as the base doughs, fillings, and toppings, this is a comprehensive and imaginative guide. Since then, he has been traveling around the world, passing on his baking know-how during the courses. Son and grandson of bakers, Olivier Magne grew up in the “flour” of the family business of a small village in Auvergne, France, starting at the age of 15. The class started at 10:00 am, but they were at school earlier so they could laminate some of the doughs and take a few steps forward. I am not a professional in the sector, just an amateur who applies her knowledge at home. Magne was a rugby back row forward, known especially for his speed and handling in open field play. אסטלה מארחת את – MOF Olivier Magne 2017. I remember Yohan saying that these things are from people who don’t sleep, hahahaha. À travers 80 recettes dont certaines en pas à pas illustrés, nos quatre experts Jean-Marie Lanio, Thomas Marie (MOF), Olivier Magne (MOF) et Jérémy Ballester vous transmettent leurs connaissances pour faire de vous les prochaines stars de la viennoiserie.