Si 80% des électeurs de l’époque s’étaient prononcés en faveur de l’indépendance, ce résultat était alors resté sans conséquence. [22] The Spanish government announced that it would also block this effort by appealing to the Constitutional Court, which decided to hear the Spanish government's case on 4 November 2014, and provisionally suspended the vote. Illustrateur. Scottish voters were first asked whether they wanted Scotland to become an independent country in a referendum in September 2014; the result was 55% to 45% against independence. [18] The same day the Spanish government announced that it would block the effort by appealing to the Constitutional Court of Spain. [28], On 23 January 2013 the Parliament of Catalonia adopted by 85 favourable votes, 41 against, and 2 abstentions the "Declaration of Sovereignty and of the Right to Decide of the Catalan People". Référendum en Catalogne : Retour sur un bras de fer En novembre 2014, les catalans s’étaient déjà exprimés sur le destin de leur région. The second one on 11 September 2012 was openly in favor of Catalan independence and had as a slogan "Catalonia, next state in Europe". In 2009 and 2011 unofficial referendums took place in hundreds of Catalan towns as one of the many actions included in the independentist-wing-parties' platforms; in the referendums the pro-independence option won an overwhelming majority of the votes cast, although the participation rate was very low. The Spanish Parliament votes against transferring referendum powers to Catalonia. Catalan president Artur Mas said the vote was "a lesson in democracy." While also referred to as "Catalan independence referendum", the vote was rebranded as a "participation process" by the Government of Catalonia, after a "non-referendum popular consultation" on the same topic and for the same date had been suspended by the Constitutional Court of Spain. Referendum o nezávislosti Katalánska na Španělském království vypsal katalánský ministerský předseda Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó na 1. říjen 2017. The Catalan government indicated that 2,305,290 votes were cast overall,[8] out of 5.4m eligible voters. En réaction, le gouvernement espagnol convoque une réunion d'urgence pour le lundi suivant, 29 septembre. Catalogne, en Espagne. Catalogne : 3 questions pour comprendre la polémique autour du référendum Des milliers de catalans manifestent depuis mercredi 20 septembre. [12] 80.8% of the cast votes supported the Yes-Yes option, 10.1% the Yes-No, 4.5% the No option. Le 27 septembre 2014, le président catalan signe le décret officialisant la tenue du référendum prévu le 9 novembre 2014[15]. Spanish citizens whose national identity card states they are resident in Catalonia; Spanish citizens who live outside of Spain and are registered as "Catalans abroad" or "Spaniards abroad" linked to a Catalonia municipality; Foreign nationals who are legally residing in Catalonia; David Gardner, International Affairs Editor at the, The LetCatalansVote manifesto included a statement that read "we call on the Spanish government and institutions and their Catalan counterparts to work together to allow the citizens of Catalonia to vote on their political future and then negotiate in good faith based on the result. Avec le référendum en Catalogne, l’Espagne fait face au plus grave défi auquel elle ait été confrontée depuis la tentative de coup d’État du 23 février 1981. The Catalan Government, however, pushed forward with the "citizen participation" process, in defiance of the Constitutional Court,[23] and voting took place as planned on 9 November 2014. 9N2014 consultation in Sabadell 01 (gran Lluis Brunet).JPG 1,133 × … The table does not consider turnout. AFP. K úmyslu odtrhnout se od Španělska a vytvořit tak samostatný nezávislý stát vyzval Katalánce již při svém zvolení do úřadu na počátku ledna roku 2016. Le 13 octobre 2014, Artur Mas estime que les garanties légales sont insuffisantes pour maintenir ce référendum et propose une concertation citoyenne[16]. and "Do you want this State to be independent?" 2014 Catalan self-determination referendum; Template:Infobox referendum/testcases; Usage on Proceso participativo sobre el futuro político de Cataluña de 2014; Usage on Vote sur l'avenir politique de la Catalogne de 2014; Usage on Referendo de autodeterminación de Cataluña ", "El Tribunal Constitucional suspende la declaración soberanista de Parlamento de Cataluña", "El Constitucional suspèn la declaració de sobirania", Catalan President Mas: "The country's good sense has made it possible to come to a consensus and agree on an inclusive, clear question, which enjoys broad support", Political parties announce date for vote on Catalonia independence, Spain to block Catalonia independence referendum, Spain Rejects Call for Catalonia Independence Vote, "La Generalitat asume que solo los independentistas votarán el 9-N", "Resultados del 9N: El apoyo a la independencia logra el 81% de los votos, por un 10% del 'sí-no, "El 'sí-sí' a la independencia vence con el 80,7% de los votos del 9-N", "1,6 millones de personas votan por la independencia catalana en el 9-N", "Catalonia independence vote ruled unconstitutional", Spain Says Catalonia Can’t Vote for Independence, But Catalans Will Go Ahead Anyway, Spain's parliament rejects Catalan independence bid, "86 percent of Congress votes down Catalonia referendum request", "Catalan Parliament approved law allowing independence vote", "Catalan representatives complain to international organisations against Spanish Government for blocking self-determination", "Catalan Parliament election 2012 program", "Program Catalan Parliament election 2012", "Ciutadans de Catalunya busca una alternativa al nacionalismo con un partido de 800 militantes", "El nuevo partido antinacionalista Ciutadans de Catalunya inicia su proceso constituyente", "2012 Catalan Parliament election manifesto", "The Spanish Government "will not allow" and "will not negotiate" on Catalonia's self-determination vote", "Rajoy insists he will not negotiate on Catalonia's self-determination", The PSOE, disagrees with the PSC. © 2023 by Name of Site. According to a resolution adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia on 27 September 2012: The Parliament of Catalonia confirms the need for the people of Catalonia to be able to freely and democratically determine their collective future and urges the government to hold a referendum during the following legislature. and "In case of an affirmative response, do you want this State to be independent?". Le gouvernement de centre droit de Mariano Rajoy qualifie l'initiative catalane d'anticonstitutionnelle et refuse d'autoriser sa mise en oeuvre. ». [26], The resolution was adopted after the general policy debate. Publié le 19/09/2014 à 16h40 Mis à jour le 19/09/2014 à 18h40. Published 24 September 2015 Unofficial Catalan independence referendums, Resolution of the Catalan Parliament for Holding an Independence Referendum, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, Catalan self-determination referendum, 2014, (in English, Catalan, Spanish, and Occitan), President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, 2009–2011 Catalan independence referendums, Protest "Som una nació, nosaltres decidim", Demonstration "Catalunya, nou estat d'Europa", Declaration of Sovereignty and of the Right to Decide of the Catalan People, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, Catalan independence § Studies on public opinion, Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials, "Catalonia president signs independence referendum decree", "Catalan Leader Signs Decree for Independence Referendum", "Catalonian leader orders referendum on independence from Spain", "Catalonia president orders independence referendum on Nov. 9", "Non-referendum popular consultation on the political future of Catalonia 2014", "DECREE 129/2014, of 27 September, on calling the non-referendum popular consultation on the political future of Catalonia", "Vol que Catalunya esdevingui un estat? Seule une consultation symbolique se tiendra le 9 novembre. Catalogne: référendum d'autodétermination annoncé pour 2014 . Also, during 2012, dozens of Catalan towns declared themselves Free Catalan Territory stating that "the Spanish legislation and regulations have effect only in Spain, so this town will wait for new legislation and regulation from the Catalan Government and the Parliament of Catalonia.". Ceci exclut les Catalans résidant par exemple à Madrid, la capitale espagnole[3]. ", This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 23:07. Convergence and Union leader Artur Mas called for the long-promised, albeit nonbinding, independence referendum to be held on November 9, 2014. The Protest "Som una nació, nosaltres decidim" on 10 July 2010 at the junction of Passeig de Gràcia and Carrer d'Aragó.[24]. On 14 October, Artur Mas proposed a "process of citizen participation" as an alternative to the original referendum. [18] On 29 September 2014, the Spanish Constitutional Court provisionally suspended the vote. Referendum a následující události vyvolaly tzv. Propulsé par les partis nationalistes de la région, il s'est tenu le 9 novembre 2014, mais il a été déclaré nul par le Tribunal constitutionnel, saisi par le gouvernement. En novembre 2014, la Catalogne avait organisé une consultation symbolique, qui avait été déclarée anti-constitutionnelle. A non-binding Catalan self-determination referendum, also known as the Citizen Participation Process on the Political Future of Catalonia,[1] was held on Sunday, 9 November 2014, to gauge support on the political future of Catalonia. En l'absence de liste électorale, la consultation étant « citoyenne » et non organisée par l'État espagnol, en pratique ce sont les cartes d'identité indiquant l'adresse de résidence qui sont utilisées et leur numéro répertorié, lors du scrutin. (Spanish), "PP, PSOE y UPyD tumban en el Congreso la moción sobre el derecho a decidir", Rosa Díez: «El Gobierno debe utilizar todos los medios legales para evitar el referéndum», El PNV apoyará delegar la competencia del referéndum a Cataluña (Spanish), BNG defenderá que Cataluña no plantea "un juego de cromos", sino una petición civilizada, legal y democrática (Spanish), Compromís votarà a favor de la proposta del Parlament de Catalunya al congrés espanyol (Catalan), Baldoví, de Compromís, i Sixto, d'Esquerra Unida, els dos diputats valencians que han dit 'sí' a la consulta (Catalan), "Sostres: "La soberanía reside en el pueblo español y es indivisible. [citation needed] The Catalan government declared that this ruling would "have no effect on the process". Prosecutors were calling for Artur Mas to be disqualified from office for 10 years, while Ortega and Rigau for 9. [20] The Catalan Government subsequently announced the "temporary suspension" of the referendum campaign.[21]. A regional government backed by the two main separatist parties held a non-binding independence referendum in 2014, with 80% of those taking part voting "yes". Vrai Michel Kichka. How is the 2017 referendum different from before? Le 18 septembre 2014, les Ecossais avaient choisi à 55 % de demeurer dans le Royaume-Uni. Celui-ci renforce l’autonomie de la Catalogne – l’une des 17 Communautés autonomes que compte le pays. Trends in support for Catalan independence can be observed by comparing more recent surveys with that carried out by Spain's Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas in 1996, which asked "Personally, would you support or reject Catalonia becoming independent?". Le 9 novembre 2014, un premier référendum sur l’indépendance de la Catalogne avait été organisé par les partis nationalistes de la région. Le pourcentage de « oui » est à nuancer, car les opposants à l'indépendance avaient largement choisi l'abstention plutôt que le vote « non », puisqu'ils ne reconnaissent pas la légalité du scrutin[18]. The first one took place on 10 July 2010. « consultations populaires non-référendaires », Initiative pour la Catalogne Verts - Gauche unie et alternative, référendum sur l'indépendance de l'Écosse, Referèndum d'autodeterminació de Catalunya, Le référendum sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne jugé anticonstitutionnel, Le référendum catalan, un premier pas pour les indépendantistes, Artur Mas sollicite un référendum sur l'indépendance, Référendum de 2017 sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne, Référendums sur l'indépendance catalane en 2009-2011, Manifestation « Catalunya, nou estat d'Europa », Sondages d'opinion sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne, Vote sur l'avenir politique de la Catalogne 2014, Manifestation « Som una nació i tenim el dret de decidir », Consultation sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne d'Arenys de Munt, Consultations sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne de 2009, Consultations sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne de 2010, Décision du Tribunal constitutionnel sur le Statut de la Catalogne, Manifestation « Som una nació. Un catalan se prononce sur l'indépendance de la région, le 9 novembre 2014. En octobre 2014, pendant le mandat de l'actuel président Josep Maria Bartomeu, le Barça s'était prononcé en faveur du «droit à décider» de l'avenir de la Catalogne. Dans une lettre de décembre rendue publique le 2 janvier 2014, Arthur Mas, président de la Région de Catalogne, a exhorté les autorités européennes à soutenir le référendum qu'il souhaite organiser. Earlier this year, the former Catalan president, Artur Mas, was banned from public office for staging a previous, symbolic referendum in 2014. Holding a referendum about the "political future of Catalonia" in 2014 was one of the items of the governance agreement ratified by Artur Mas from Convergence and Union (CiU) and Oriol Junqueras from Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) on 18 December 2012,[13][14][15][16] that allowed Artur Mas to be voted in as President of the Generalitat of Catalonia for a second term. Par AFP — 13 octobre 2014 à 22:47 (mis à jour le 14 octobre 2014 à 11:13) Des manifestants pour le référendum sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne, à Barcelone en décembre 2012. According to the consultation decree, "in the consultation there is a first question followed successively by a second question, and they are worded as follows: a) Do you want Catalonia to become a State? [33], On 8 May 2013 this purely political declaration was provisionally suspended by the Constitutional Court of Spain. The second question could only be answered by those who had answered Yes to the first one. Propulsé par les partis nationalistes de la région, il s'est tenu le 9 novembre 2014, mais il a été déclaré nul par le Tribunal constitutionnel, saisi par le gouvernement. It received 84 favourable votes, 21 against and 25 abstentions. Le ... Référendum en Catalogne : ... Modifié le 10/11/2014 à 08:41 - Publié le 10/11/2014 à 06:46 The Demonstration "Catalunya, nou estat d'Europa" of 11 September 2012. 'Yes–Yes' is represented in green. According to pro-consultation parties, this law will provide the legal basis for the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Artur Mas, to hold the consultation (non-binding self-determination referendum) on independence from Spain on 9 November. The date would be 9 November 2014 and that it will contain a question with two sections: "Do you want Catalonia to become a State?" La loi ainsi que le décret de convocation sont suspendus le 29 septembre, 50 heures après leur entrée par le Tribunal constitutionnel, se prononçant à l'unanimité et considérant qu'il s'agit de facto d'un référendum d'indépendance qui ne relève pas des compétences de la communauté autonome[6]. Démonstration de force des indépendantistes avant leur référendum en Catalogne . Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the vote a "deep failure" because "two-thirds of Catalans did not participate" and he claimed it violated a ruling of the Constitutional Court. In the most populous district (Barcelonès) turnout was 32.5% and the overall proportion of Yes-Yes votes reached 24.9%.[97]. [20] The Catalan Government subsequently announced the "temporary suspension" of the referendum campaign. Below is a table outlining the results of the referendum by district. Scotland’s referendum on independence from the United Kingdom in September 2014, although ultimately unsuccessful, galvanized the independence movement in Catalonia. Since December 2013, several surveys have been carried out on the two stated questions of the referendum. 16 January 2014. At that time, 80% of participants voted “yes”. Le Monde avec AFP [45][46], On 25 March 2014, the Spanish Constitutional Court finally ruled that the sovereignty part of the "Declaration of Sovereignty and of the Right to Decide of the Catalan People" was "unconstitutional and null", and therefore did not allow a self-determination referendum to be held in Catalonia. Le vote sur l'avenir politique de la Catalogne, ou vote sur l'indépendance de la Catalogne, connu en Espagne sous le numéronyme de 9-N1, est un vote portant sur l'indépendance de la communauté autonome de Catalogne en Espagne. Catalan election explained in two minutes. [42] The vote has been called by the Catalan government for people who are at least 16 years of age on 9 November 2014 and who meet one of the following criteria:[43]. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. The President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Artur Mas and Oriol Junqueras, signing the 2012–2016 governability agreement on 19 December 2012. Voters who vote in the first question no, are against Catalonia becoming a state. [25] Estelada hanging between Carrer de Mallorca and Carrer de València, along Passeig de Gracia. Catalonia’s regional president, Carles Puigdemont, says he was obliged to call the referendum, because that is what separatist parties pledged to do if they won elections in 2015. ... 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011. 04/12/2014 par Michel Kichka « No » du parlement espagnol au référendum sur la Catalogne. Catalonia's pro-independence leaders then went ahead with a full referendum on 1 October 2017, which was also declared illegal by Spain's constitutional court. The trial focused on the events since the suspension decided by the Constitutional Court on 4 November 2014, until the beginning of the popular vote, on 9 November. Proudly created with En cas afirmatiu, vol que aquest estat sigui independent? Quelques dizaines de milliers de réfugiés espagnols ayant vécu en Catalogne sous la dictature franquiste, ainsi que leurs descendants qui y sont nés, sont également exclus du fait qu'ils sont retournés dans leur région d'origine à partir de 1975 et de la transition monarchiste. La consultation consiste en deux questions : Sur le modèle du référendum sur l'indépendance de l'Écosse de septembre 2014, il est prévu que tous les résidents de Catalogne puissent voter, dès l'âge de 16 ans[3]. [32], The political parties Convergence and Union (CiU) (50 yes), Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) (21 yes) and Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United and Alternative Left (ICV-EUiA) (13 yes) totally supported the statement of sovereignty. In 2010 and 2012 different demonstrations took place in Barcelona. The Parliament of Catalonia makes a formal petition asking the Spanish Government to transfer the necessary powers to hold the referendum (as Westminster did with Scotland). Référendum Ecossais, Catalan et la crise Belge . and believes the Catalan referendum 'unlawful and disastrous' (Spanish), Rubalcaba: "No estem ni estarem mai a favor del dret d'autodeterminació" (Catalan), IU defends a federal state, multi-national, social and republican recognize the right of the people of Catalonia to decide their political future.